Ugly Art Workshops for Everyone

Ugly Art Studios, is a working art studio, delivering workshops to both non-artists and experienced artists in a classroom setting.

“Ugly Art Inc.” is an unusual name for a business and my cards cause a few chuckles, however, the benefits it offers are beautiful and boundless. Located on the second floor of 824 Tecumseh Road East in Windsor, Ontario. I believe we all should do something creative and that creating art should be for everyone.

My customers attend my workshops to socialize, to try their hand at painting and to learn some basic techniques. What they take away is a new understanding that art can be for everyone, it doesn’t need to be expensive, and that artistic talent is optional. Ugly Art Studios provides opportunities for everyone, all ages and abilities, to experience painting at a beginner or intermediate level. “Ugly Art” is good art!

Let’s Play

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