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Ugly Art Studios

Ugly Art Studios, is a multi-function space offering a public gallery, event space and a working art studio, delivering workshops to both non-artists and experienced artists in a classroom setting.

“Ugly Art Inc.” is an unusual name for a business and my cards cause a few chuckles, however, the benefits it offers are beautiful and boundless. Located at 1156 Wyandotte Rd E in Windsor, Ontario. I believe we all should do something creative and that creating art should be for everyone.

My customers attend my workshops to socialize, to try their hand at painting and to learn some new skills and basic techniques. What they take away is a new understanding that art can be for everyone, it doesn’t need to be expensive, and that artistic talent is optional. Ugly Art Studios provides opportunities for everyone, all ages and abilities, to experience painting at a beginner or intermediate level. “Ugly Art” is good art!

Leona MacIntyre

Leona MacIntyre, Resident Ugly Artist, says her business is all about fun-filled artistic expression.

” I believe the name appeals to non-artists – people who just want a break from their busy lives and are not overly concerned whether they produce a ‘masterpiece’ or not. Research has shown that creative pursuits can reduce your stress, take you away from your worries, anxiety and physical exhaustion, even if practices for only a few hours, once a week.

My own life experiences inspired me to open Ugly Art Studio. I have always operated in a state of high-stress, juggling many things at once, as an executive, wife and mother. However, when my life became unmanageable, I had to find a hobby to give me some real downtime. I’ve been painting for almost 20 years.

Since I had no artistic experience and limited talent, I began by attending local workshops and classes. I do not profess to be a ‘fine artist’ producing professional work – that’s not why I paint. As a stress relief practice, it really works for me, and I am certain that it can work for almost for anyone who would like to try it. I can go from stressed and mentally exhausted to a feeling of completely calm and refreshed after only a few hours in my studio. Our motto is ‘Stress Free Play’.”

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